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FOX Business
Oct 30, 2012 9:20am EDT
company is forensic weather consultants and i've worked on a lot of hurricane related cases, katrina, hurricane wilma and ike, for the insurance companies, and also, for the attorneys and home owners pan one thing that is most difficult is the flood insurance, and when most people buy home owners insurance policy it covers wind and that alone doesn't cover flood. so, place that is didn't have flood insurance may not be able to collect from their insurance policy. so, it's much easier to collect and get insurance coverage for wind storm related events. even though, a lot of the insurance companies have what they call a wind storm deductible, which means, whether it's a named storm such as a hurricane, when it makes landfall or not, will determine what percentage of the deductible, the home owner has to pay. >> and howard, tom sullivan here, you jumped on point i was going to make about how flood insurance is, two parts about it, one, i used to have a home years ago, that was in a flood plain, designated as such. so, i had to have flood insurance, but even that, the flood insurance was
FOX Business
Oct 31, 2012 9:20am EDT
catastrophic events before, and katrina and others, and life, you know, as disastrous as it is and upsetting as it is, you know, we move beyond it. you know, these are acts of nature not acts of man necessarily, and so we'll deal with, we'll deal with the bumps and move on. and in terms of the overall economy, i'm sure it's going to take some kind of bump, but i think the overall economy has got more issues, unfortunately, than the effects of hurricane sandy. neil: and always a pleasure through crisis alike, we're about six minutes to the opening bell and keep in mind this is halloween, there's been a move afoot in the garden state, new jersey, chris christie, we already knew he was a very power governor and he wants to move it to november 3rd, so the kids can trick-or-treat on november 3 and my sons i know are watching, guys, you know the rules, the candy, you know, some for you, some for me. we'll have more. [laughter] and everyone, everyone, stick around. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you engineer a true automotive breakthrough? ♪ you give it bold new styling, unsurpassed luxury and
FOX Business
Nov 1, 2012 9:20am EDT
, it's much better decided there, than the fema scandals are endless. after katrina they turned away free water from wal-martt stuart: okay, i'm in my house, a wife and two young kids and we have water up the bag stairs, i'm marooned in my bedroom and leaning out the window and saying, private enterprise help me, help me. no, i'm not going to say that. i'm going to say you cops, firefighters, please come get me, i need help this is an emergency. >> that's all local government. why would you want to send your money to washington for your local cops to help you? >> so that you only object to the feds in this. >> i believe unbelievably wasteful, like the feds are, you vote those guys out. stuart: what politician would get elected if he or she said you're on your own. >> it's not saying you're on your own. it's saying we're broke, you need to rely on your local police authorities. if they can't handle it, then in a national emergency, we'll come in, but otherwise, we don't have the money. stuart: you wouldn't expect to win an election on that basis, would you? >> well, i'm not running. s
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3